Bache Sit     薛秋隼大律師

Call: HK (2014)


LL.B., University of Hong Kong (2012)

P.C.LL., University of Hong Kong (2013)

Practice Profile

Bache has a broad civil practice. He takes up a wide range of cases relating to probate, land, company, commercial dispute as well as personal injuries litigation.

He is also regularly instructed to defend in criminal cases, from trials at all levels to appeals on intricate facts.

Selected Cases


Yang Dandan v Hong Kong Resort Company Limited; CACV 247/2015 (Misrepresentation)

Lam Wai Lik Eric & others v Tam Suet Mui; HCAP 5/2015 (Testamentary capacity, validity of will)

Mak Ngun Tai & others v Fung Ming Ip & others; HCAP 37/2015 (Validity of will, appointment of administrator pendente lite)

Au Yeung Kwan v Lee Lam; HCA 2464/2014 & 2 related actions (Contractual dispute, trust)

Secretary for Justice for Commissioner of Police v Chun Ngai Jewellery Design Co & 21 other claimants; HCMP 1362/2015 (Interpleader proceedings, title to diamonds)


HKSAR v Ko Wai Lun; CACC 131/2016  (Trafficking in dangerous drugs, appeal) & HCCC 373 of 2017 (retrial)

HKSAR v Wong Siu Wai; HCMA 275/2016 (Money laundering, magistracy appeal)

HKSAR v Lam Wai Kuen; HCCC 47/2015 (Conspiracy to manufacture dangerous drugs, jury trial)

HKSAR v Poon Man Tik; HCCC 247/2015 (Conspiracy to traffic dangerous drugs, jury trial)

HKSAR v Lau Yau Wai & 3 others; DCCC 19/2015 (Bribery, 40 days trial)