Jeffrey Lee     李冠倫大律師

Professional Qualifications

Call:     HK (2018)


2017:     LLM, University of Cambridge
2016:     PCLL, University of Hong Kong
2015:     LLB, City University of Hong Kong

Scholarship and Prizes

2016:     Chevening Scholarship (full scholarship for the LLM at the University of Cambridge)
2015:     Dean’s List
2015:     Mustard Seed Foundation Prize
2015:     Madam Wong Wai Leung Prize in Human Rights
2014:     Dean’s List
2014:     School of Law Outstanding Academic Papers Award
2014:     The Honourable Mr Justice Cheung Prize
2013:     Dean’s List
2013:     HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund Reaching Out Award
2011:     School of Law Admission Scholarship for LLB Programme

Practice Profile

Jeffrey has a broad civil and commercial practice.  He has been involved in cases spanning a wide spectrum of areas including company, insolvency, bankruptcy, land, trusts, conflict of laws, arbitration, insurance, tax, matrimonial finance, personal injuries, professional negligence, judicial review and injunctive relief.  He is regularly instructed to appear in court and has appeared as junior counsel or as an advocate in his own right at various court levels.  He also acted as amicus curiae in Liu Hua v Dr Lau Chu Pak [2023] HKCA 262; [2023] 5 HKLRD 425; [2023] 5 HKC 368 on appointment by the Court of Appeal.

Prior to joining the Bar, Jeffrey graduated from the LLM at the University of Cambridge on a full scholarship sponsored by Cheung Kong Hutchison Holdings.  He previously obtained the LLB from the City University of Hong Kong and the PCLL from the University of Hong Kong.  He served pupillage with Mr Richard Khaw SC, Mr Edwin Choy SC, Mr Kenny Lin and Mr Michael Yin.  He also previously served as Marshall to the Hon Mr Justice Au (now Au JA) during which he worked on various cases involving points of great public and constitutional importance.

Selected Cases

Liu Hua v Dr Lau Chu Pak [2023] HKCA 262; [2023] 5 HKLRD 425; [2023] 5 HKC 368 – appeared as amicus curiae in the Court of Appeal on legal issues relating to the extent of conclusiveness of an affidavit filed in answer to a third party discovery application, and whether the court could and should order the filing of a further affidavit on certain issues (led by Richard Khaw SC)

FTLife Insurance Co Ltd v Ho Suk Yue [2023] HKDC 363 – appeared on behalf of the plaintiff in a 4-day trial on a contractual claim for recovery of part of the performance bonuses advanced to an ex-agent, with the court rejecting the various defences premised on implied terms and estoppel by representation (as sole advocate)

LYH v YHKB [2022] HKCA 1601 – appeared on behalf of the petitioner wife in the Court of Appeal in resisting the respondent’s application for leave to appeal and stay of execution against the judgment ordering ancillary relief of HK$79.5 million upon the original consent order being set aside (led by Richard Khaw SC and with Karen Wong)

Siu Wai Ming v Shiu Wai Hong & Ors [2022] HKCA 612  acted on behalf of the defendants in resisting the plaintiff’s application for leave to adduce further evidence under the Ladd v Marshall principles as well as the residual discretion of the court in his appeal against a judgment given after a 6-day trial (led by Richard Khaw SC)

Re Tiancheng Fortune Management Ltd [2022] HKCFI 3333 – appeared on behalf of the company in resisting the winding up petition and the continuation of an injunction order based on an alleged debt of over RMB3.2 billion, and obtaining an order for costs on an indemnity basis against the petitioner (with Kenny Lin and Jason Kung)

Steadfast International Ltd v Tuenbo Co Ltd & Ors [2022] HKCFI 3251 – appeared on behalf of a Hong Kong property developer in opposing an application for trial of preliminary issue in another action to be heard together with the trial of the main action, on the ground of, inter alia, abuse of process to challenge authority twice (with Kenny Lin)

Li Ngan Kwan & Anor v Gao Li Hui & Ors [2021] HKCFI 2878 – appeared on behalf of a firm of solicitors in resisting an application for amendment of a pre-CJR statement of claim filed 13 years before the application seeking to introduce new claims in dishonest assistance and conspiracy to injure by unlawful means (with Bonnie Cheng)

Wang Weichen & Anor v Collector of Stamp Revenue [2021] HKCFI 224; [2021] 3 HKC 139 – appeared on behalf of the Collector of Stamp Revenue in resisting the judicial review against the decision rejecting the application for partial refund of ad valorem stamp duty under s.29DF of the Stamp Duty Ordinance (Cap. 117) (with Bonnie Cheng)

Chen Liangping v 方廷秋 & Anor [2022] HKDC 1166 – appeared on behalf of the Employees Compensation Assistance Fund Board in an assessment of compensation under the Employees’ Compensation Ordinance (Cap. 282) and the employee’s appeal against the Form 7 assessment of his loss of earning capacity (as sole advocate)

Pierhead Garden Management Co Ltd v The Incorporated Owners of Pierhead Garden [2021] HKCFI 678 – appeared on behalf of the Incorporated Owners in a 5-day trial on a dispute concerning the construction of the deed of mutual covenant, the claims of ownership, exclusive use and management of 10 loading and unloading bays, and the related claims of trespass and nuisance on the disputed areas (led by Richard Khaw SC and with Sunny Chan)

Re Margaret Chiu [2020] 2 HKLRD 1118; [2020] 5 HKC 453 – acted for the respondent in resisting a bankruptcy petition on the ground of the creditor’s unreasonable refusal of offers to compound for the debt (with Kenny Lin)

Re Man Lung Textiles Ltd & Man Shing Textiles Ltd [2018] HKCA 521; [2019] 4 HKC 167 – appeared on behalf of the respondent shareholder in the Court of Appeal concerning the petitioner’s locus standi to present the winding up and unfair prejudice petitions after the sale and purchase of the petitioner’s shares (with Lincoln Cheung)

Pang Ka Leong v Cheung Mei Po [2019] HKDC 651 – appeared on behalf of the plaintiff in a trial seeking and obtaining an order for sale of a property pursuant to the Partition Ordinance (Cap. 352), an equal division of the net proceeds of sale, and mesne profits arising from wrongful ouster by the other co-owner (as sole advocate)

Pang Ka Leong v Cheung Mei Po [2019] HKDC 1018 – appeared on behalf of the plaintiff in resisting the defendant’s applications for leave to appeal against the judgment to the Court of Appeal and stay of execution pending appeal, and obtaining an order for costs on an indemnity basis against the defendant (as sole advocate)

Feng Jianzhu v Ho Sze Yee [2019] HKDC 1687 – appeared on behalf of the intended party in resisting the applicant’s application for joinder of the alleged employer in an employees’ compensation claim (as sole advocate)

Chu Tony Hsiao-Chiu v Ma Jinrui & Anor [2020] HKCFI 942 – appeared on behalf of the defendants in opposing the plaintiff’s late application to file evidence in opposition to the application to discharge the Mareva injunction, and obtaining an order for costs thrown away by the adjournment of the substantive hearing (as sole advocate)

Wu Lai Ying v Lam Shun Chiu Dennis & Anor, HCPI 309/2016 – appeared on behalf of the defendants in a contested application for leave to adduce additional expert evidence in a medical negligence claim (led by Richard Khaw SC)

Steadfast International Ltd v Tuenbo Co Ltd & Ors [2023] HKCFI 569 – acted for the plaintiff in applying to vary the costs order nisi and obtaining costs for resisting a summons found to be an abuse of process (as sole advocate)

Oasis Investment Group Ltd & Ors v Xu Hongbiao & Anor [2023] HKCFI 860 – appeared on behalf of the 2nd Defendant (by Counterclaim) in an application to set aside leave to serve the Counterclaim out of jurisdiction in relation to a purported claim for common law enforcement of an HKIAC arbitral award (led by Richard Khaw SC)

HKIAC Arbitration – acted for an insurer in a 28-day arbitration on a fire insurance claim denied on the ground of, inter alia, arson of or with the connivance or complicity of the claimant/insured (with Kenny Lin and Thomas Nip)

HKIAC Arbitration – appeared on behalf of a private equity investment firm in a 5-day arbitration conducted in Singapore in relation to a HK$2.9 billion dispute arising out of a subscription agreement (led by Richard Khaw SC)

HKIAC Arbitration – assisted the arbitral tribunal in a 8-day international arbitration between a German company and four Chinese companies arising out of a joint venture / shareholders’ agreement governed by Hong Kong law

Advised a prominent automobile retailer on the merits of its claim against an ex-customer (with Bonnie Cheng)

Advised on an application for a certificate of Hong Kong tax resident status for the purpose of claiming tax benefits under the Comprehensive Double Taxation Arrangement (CDTA) signed by Hong Kong (led by Stewart Wong SC)

  • Part-time Lecturer (Non-Clinical), Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong (PCLL Civil Advocacy) (since 2023)
  • Member, Standing Committee on Mainland Affairs, Hong Kong Bar Association (since 2022)
  • Member, Standing Committee on Legal Education, Hong Kong Bar Association (since 2019)
  • Member, Standing Committee on Insurance, Hong Kong Bar Association (since 2019)
  • Member, Hong Kong Bar Association’s Taskforce for the Government’s Consultation regarding the Mainland Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters (Reciprocal Enforcement) Bill and Rules (2022)
  • Editor, The UK Supreme Court Yearbook (2016 – 2017)
  • Editor, Cambridge International Law Journal (2016 – 2017)
  • Contributing Editor, Halsbury’s Laws of Hong Kong, 2nd ed, Vol 45, Social Welfare and Services, 2022 Reissue
  • Contributing Editor, Annotated Ordinances of Hong Kong – Tax Reserve Certificates Ordinance (Cap. 289), LexisNexis (2021)
  • Contributing Editor, Annotated Ordinances of Hong Kong  Government Leases Ordinance (Cap. 40), LexisNexis (2021)
  • Author, “Mediation in Mainland China and Hong Kong: Can They Learn from Each Other?” (2014) 16(1) Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal 101-121
  • Co-author, “Exclusion of Liability and Unfair Contract Terms in Hong Kong Travel Contracts: Problems and Solutions” (2015) 1(3) Journal of Law, Technology and Public Policy 223-235
  • Research Assistant, Chinese Arbitration Law, LexisNexis (2015)
  • Research Assistant,《法律翻譯系列:兩岸三地合約法主要詞彙》(Legal Translation Series: Key Terms in Contract Law of Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan) (2014)