Albert K. C. Yau     丘启昌大律师

Professional Qualifications

Barrister since 1983
LLB (1982), PCLL (1983), LLM (1988)
CEDR Accredited Meditator

Cases Handled
  • Wu Wing Kuen v Leung Kwai Lin Cindy [1999] 3 HKLRD 738 (Proof of title in conveyancing transactions
  • Lau Suk Ching Peggy v Ma Hing Lam and Others (2010) 13 HKCFAR 226 (Specific performance – option to purchase)
  • Wishing Long Hong v Wong Kit Chun (2001) 4 HKCFAR 289 (Employer’s duty of care)
  • Tam Mei Kam v HSBC International Trustee Ltd and Others (2011) 14 HKCFAR 512 (The Will and Trust of Anita Mui)
  • Lau Leung Chau and Others v Lau Yuk Kui and Others (2000) 3 HKCFAR 98 (Chinese ancestral trust)
  • Yang Dandan v Hong Kong Resort Co Ltd (CACV 247/2015) (Representation as to sea view in sales brochure)