Tower Chambers emphasizes good pupillage training. It means so much to one’s career at the Bar. Many members were previously our pupils. Pupils at Tower Chambers can expect to benefit from a wide range of training exposures, as our members’ practice covers almost all areas of law. Recently, many undergraduate and high school students applied to be mini-pupils of Tower Chambers.


Applicants for pupillage can write to the individual members or the Management Committee of Tower Chambers, enclosing their CV. Successful applicants for pupillage should expect to serve pupillage for no less than 3 months. Those interested in applying may also consult the relevant guidelines published by the Hong Kong Bar Association. Pupils staying for more than 3 months are given preferential consideration when applying for tenancy.


Applications can be made either directly to a member of chambers or to the Management Committee. If an application is made to the Management Committee you will be assigned an appropriate supervising member based on your credentials and performance at the interview.

  • A CV and a covering letter should accompany the Application.
  • Applicants will be notified of interviews and acceptance via email or telephone.
  • All Applications are subject to approval by the Management Committee.